A couple of days back, Lalit Modi wrote on Twitter“Did KAPIL Sibal a congress politician report we sat and ate and spoke at a wedding for 3 days in istanbul”

Yes, I was at a wedding where he was also invited as one guest among hundreds of others. I was invited by the bride’s family, and he was a guest of the groom’s side.

Lalit Modi’s tweet simply reflects what anyone at a wedding can be described as doing. Nothing more should assumed from his tweet. Certainly not the rapport he is trying to imply, and what some sections of social media and some journalists have tried to allude.

On one afternoon when I was having lunch with 20 people, he and two others landed up and joined the group. To say we ate, sat and chatted for 3 days is incorrect and a gross exaggeration.

– Kapil Sibal

Note from Team Sibal: In response to a question probing the incident for impropriety, and whether Kapil Sibal was a Minister at the time, Lalit Modi responded saying: “No – he was not. He met few weeks ago. Just for information. Congress thinks I am a pariah that’s why I mentioned” 

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