It is unfortunate that a simple economics discussion at a public gathering in Madhya Pradesh, has been turned into political slander against Shri Kapil Sibal. It is unfortunate that an explanation of the increasing demand-supply gap arising due to increased income levels in the country has been twisted out of context by a few individuals and media channels.

Shri Kapil Sibal would never insinuate such a thing against the people of India, and any attempt to attribute something like this to him is slanderous and petty.

The clips and quotes being circulating by vested interests are part of a larger discussion, and where, when baited with the question “are you blaming the poor?” Sibal clearly said “Of course not!”

It would not only be fair to Shri Sibal, but also fair to the people of India who are being misled by some individuals and channels, that the full context and script be shared, and clarifications issued.

We hope that professionalism prevails, and the politicking with the sentiments of the people of India be put to rest, in line with the integrity of purpose that the Press is meant and sworn to uphold.

Team Sibal