July 5: A BSF jawan was killed in Pakistani firing in the Naugam Sector along LOC

July 9: Pakistani troops fired at a forward post in North Kashmir killing a BSF jawan

July 15: Two BSF jawans and 4 others including a woman were injured in firing across the border

July 18: Pakistani army opened firing in two separate incidents in a span of 12 hours, injuring five persons including three women, in Rajouri and Poonch sectors

July 19/20: Pakistani army resorted to heavy firing in Shahpur Sector in Poonch district

Total confusion prevails. Diplomacy is not a sound and light show. It is hard­nosed strategic planning. This Government lacks both experience and understanding. The ‘bull’ has become a ‘bear.’ This ‘I love you and I love you not’ relationship with Pakistan has no strategic thinking behind it. Modi’s postures and fulminations before election were mere election jumlas.

Ceasefire violations are on the rise: 800 such violations taking place along the border, since May, 2014. In July, 2015 alone, there were 12 ceasefire violations including the one late last night in Poonch district by the Pakistan Army.

Modi Before elections:

August 11, 2013, Mr. Modi said, “…..our country ́s protectors were killed by Pakistani army and what was done? Pakistan is committing atrocities one after another and a more than 1.2 billion population country is tolerating it….” “Indian Foreign Minister went to Jaipur and fed guests from Pakistan, Biryani…”.

May 8, 2014: Modi, in an interview to Times Now, said “Is it possible to have discussions amidst bomb blasts and gunshots? Do you think it is possible to have a discussion amidst the deafening noise of bomb blasts and gunshots? So to have a reasonable discussion, first the blasts and gunshots have to stop”.

Why a change of heart now Mr. Modi? Was that also an election jumla? What happened to the 56” chest?

Mr. Modi, do you now realize how irresponsible your statements were. How you have suddenly done a U­turn. You are even willing to go to Pakistan and talk to Nawaz Sharif during the SAARC Conference. Is that the “Kaante se Kaanta nikalna” as stated by Manohar Parikar on May 22, 2015, or is it “Kaante ko gale lagana.” Please break your silence and explain your position.

This Government’s confusing signals have not only confused Pakistan but also confused our people.


Modi’s foreign policy qua China is even more confusing. Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean stares us in the face. China has signed agreements for use of Gwadar port in Pakistan; Chittagong in Bangladesh; Hambantota in Sri Lanka and Sittwe in Myanmar. What is Modi’s response to it – silence. China is wooing Maldives and Seychelles. China docked two submarines in Sri Lanka in October and November, 2014. On May 22, 2015, another Chinese submarine docked in Karachi after crossing the Arabian Sea. Modi continues to be silent. In fact, Modi seems to be pleased with or wishes to please the Chinese by unilaterally offering E­visas to Chinese tourists, while the ‘stapled’ visa issue remains unresolved.

China intrudes our borders, Pakistan kills our soldiers but Modi does not act. Is it not shameful that right after the Chinese Vice Foreign Minister told the Indian Ambassador that the Modi’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh in February undermined China’s territorial sovereignty, right and interests that the Prime Minister went to China on a bilateral visit.

Rajnath Singh, in response to Chinese intrusion in Chumar, just when President, Xi Jingping arrived in September, 2014 said that incursions along Indo­China border are due to “difference in perception.” Mr. Jaitley seemed to defend the Chinese when he said: “China has a different perception on what the line of actual control is, India has a different perception.”

Where do you stand Mr. Modi? Why are you meek and not un­compromising in protecting the dignity of 1.3 billion people?


Modi has paid no attention to Africa. The India-Africa Forum Summit that was scheduled to be held on December 4, 2014 was abruptly postponed due to concerns over the Ebola outbreak. African nations questioned India’s wisdom in putting off the summit. Modi cancelled his trip to Indonesia for the 60th Asian-African Conference in Jakarta and the commemorative summit in Bandung in April, 2014, while Chinese President Xi Jingping attended the summit. Modi is neglecting Africa, so crucial for India. Africa represents a huge market for Indian investors. China’s trade with Africa stood at $ 200 billion while the Indian figure is $ 70 billion (2013 figures).

West Asia

Modi has completely neglected West Asian countries so far.  Modi should know that there is Indian diaspora factor in West Asia as well.  Saudi Arabia and Kuwait are home to a large Indian diaspora. We must develop our strategic influence in West Asia as they are natural friends because of our affinity with them.  The seven-million strong Indian diaspora sends back over $70 billion each year and accounts for trade worth $300 billion.  This region is the main source of India’s energy requirement and, therefore, needs our engagement.  Modi has deviated from our clear policy on Palestine and has no clear-cut and effective policy on the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.  Remember, West Asia is a source of oil and gas and maximum remittances to India.

Modiji, if you do not befriend them, you will be on a slippery slope.

High profile visits, sound and light shows publicised in the US, China, Australia and later the Silicon Valley may be good for publicity but hardly represent the protection of our vital interests through a well thought out foreign policy.


Modi’s tall claims on Corruption and de-criminalization of politics and Parliament:

The Chowkidar against corruption has become the chowkidar of the Corrupt.  Modi promised a corruption free India.  He has allowed the BJP complete freedom to be corrupt.  The tweets of February and April, 2014 also were election jumlas.

On March 30, 2014, Modi at a rally in Nanded, Maharashtra vowed: “…. all those who have indulged in corruption, gundaism or violence will spend rest of their lives behind bars.” “…. I will not discriminate between any one. The politicians concerned might be from the ruling party or opposition.”  “… all pending cases against MLAs and MPs will be tackled within a year.  I won’t discriminate.”

On April 21, 2014, in Hardoi, he said, “Parliament se apradhi saaf karne padenge. Mein aaya toh inhe nahi chhorunga.. chahe BJP ya NDA ke kyon na hon….”

On August 19, 2014 at Kaithal in Haryana, Modi said, “Corruption is a disease worse than cancer.  The country cannot bear it anymore…” “Mera Kya, Mujhe Kya….. culture of corruption has to change now.”

On January 10, 2015 at Ramlila Maidan, he said “There has been not a single allegation of corruption against this Government.  I have started the anti-corruption drive and I will bring it to the streets.”  In his tweet on February 4, 2015, Modi said, “We do not believe in making statements against corruption.  We are taking steps to ensure that Nation is corruption free.”

The reality is that five months later, of the 21 new Ministers Modi inducted in his Cabinet, 8 (one third) had declared criminal cases against them.  The allegations include attempt to murder, waging war against the State, criminal intimidation and fraud.  At least 5 Ministers in the Cabinet have been charged with serious offences such as rape and rioting.

Modi’s Cabinet includes twice as many politicians facing criminal charges as previous UPA Government.

What happened to the Lokpal Bill Mr. Modi?

In BJP ruled States in India, have you ensured the passing of model Lokayukta Bills?

Aparaadh mukt’ Parliament was your promise.  Have you proceeded against any of your MPs or MLAs?

Why are you silent on the VYAPAM scam?  Why do you not act when proof of the biggest scam of independent India was personally handed over to you?

“Na khaounga na Khane Dunga” was your slogan.  But it now seems that your slogan is ‘Khud ka toh pata nahi, per apne logon ko khane dunga.’  Are you trying to convert Ram Rajya into Bhrasht Rajya by protecting those who should be investigated?

You can view the unedited, full video of the Press Conference below: