Delighted that “Raunaq” was launched. Politicians are usually perceived to be insensitive. This perception is misplaced. No human being is uni-dimensional. Each, within us, has the urge to create. This creativity may take different forms. Every human being is sensitive: politicians, too, because they see poverty and deprivation from very close quarters. That by itself evokes responses and impacts their persona.  People only see one side of the political class: the somewhat unseemly side shown on TV, within or outside Parliament. But there are shades of a politician’s personality that is never made public, because that is not “news”.

I have been deeply touched by the environment in which I live. The sight of glazed eyes without hope haunts me. The despair of a household without a future moves me. Yet the poor always embrace hope. They are generous, despite being caught in the trappings of poverty.

My lyrics are a reflection of the human condition as I see it. All human beings are not politicians, but all politicians are human beings. They are as sensitive as anybody else. People should not be surprised if politicians reflect creativity in one form or another.  It could be poetry or some other form, including music. So don’t be surprised if I surprise you once again.