I welcome discussion, debate and even disagreement, on various issues that concern us as Indians. We can talk about progress, ideas, policies, issues, growth, inclusiveness, and other topics that will help India grow.

You can share your thoughts and comments on any of the relevant pages and posts on this site, or share them here, using the comment box below.

My only request is, that on this page specifically, we discuss topics of national importance and not get into debates on individuals or parties. That way the dialogue will remain focussed on India and its people.

Anything shared here will be published without moderation, provided it is not abusive, slanderous, or contains foul language. Do share, I will read everything that’s shared here, and will respond as soon as I can.

Note from Team Sibal: Given Mr. Sibal’s┬áhectic work schedule, questions here will be collected and shared with him at the end of the week, and his replies will be posted here in the following week.