On #NetNeutrality And An Idea for The Govt.

How do we share basic information and governance services with the people, if the government isn’t paying for it and the common man doesn’t have money for it?

  • democracy?

Censorship and Intent vs Freedom of Expression

There can be no casual or fleeting commitment to fundamental freedoms. Of these, liberty and freedom of expression are at the core of liberal democratic...

  • peace and harmony

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

A youngster gets jailed because a politician is offended. A man gets shot for scraping another man’s car. A couple gets beaten in a park, because...

  • Festival of Auctions

The Festival of Auctions

Traditionally, festivals are occasions to celebrate common beliefs, and to bond over mutual interests. Likewise, auctions bring together buyers and sellers...

  • coal burden - Illustration by CR Sasikumar

Government Gains, Country Loses.

Natural resources must be so distributed, by way of auction or otherwise, that they serve a larger public purpose. The optimal use of natural resources can...

  • U-turn on LARR

Why the U-turn on LARR?

Why is the Modi Government trying to undo something that addresses land-acquisition related issues faced by Indians for over a hundred years?

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