When the State becomes a bully

Men of quality and stature, who evoke respect, elevate the status of that office. Others, bereft of these qualities, diminish the status of that office.

  • Modi-in-Gujarat

Show us the Paradigm Shift

The prime minister has called the dropping of payloads in Balakot a pilot project. The real project, he said, was yet to be launched. Pilot projects are meant to validate

  • Supreme Court

Await the Ayodhya Verdict:

Well-orchestrated public statements with high decibel levels seem to be polluting the environment as we await the Ayodhya title suit to be listed

  • Advertising On Rafale, facts a casualty

On Rafale, Facts a Casualty

Within the limited contours of its jurisdiction under Article 32 of the Constitution, the Supreme Court chose not to question the purchase of 36 Rafale fighter

Rulers of Law

Since May 2014, our institutions are afflicted with galloping atrophy. The war within the CBI, allegations made on oath before the Supreme Court involving

What the Majority Missed

The prolific majority judgement upholding Aadhaar fails to deal with the complexities of the issues that have emerged since Aadhaar received the backing of law.

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