Rulers of Law

Since May 2014, our institutions are afflicted with galloping atrophy. The war within the CBI, allegations made on oath before the Supreme Court involving

What the Majority Missed

The prolific majority judgement upholding Aadhaar fails to deal with the complexities of the issues that have emerged since Aadhaar received the backing of law.

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Reform that isn’t

A policy on paper may convey a grand vision. The key, however, is its successful implementation. Ground realities must be taken into account before making

The Quality of Justice

An independent fearless judiciary is the leitmotif that protects constitutional values. Without it, the Constitution will be a dead letter, a body without a soul.

Choreography of a Break-up

The BJP-PDP alliance was untenable at birth. Their ideological predilections were as far apart as the North Pole from the South Pole.

His Choice, his Misstep

Pranab Mukherjee is a consummate politician. Yet, sometimes politicians falling in that class also trip up. For a person who understands the historical

What a Governor must do

Had the governor played by the rules, the nation would have been saved an unsavoury spectacle. There was no doubt that the post-poll Congress-JD(S)

Modi gets real on China

The informal summit at Wuhan between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping must be seen in the context of changing global equations.

A Dangerous Incursion

The opposition of the government to the elevation of Justice K.M. Joseph is on specious grounds The government’s opposition to the elevation of the Chief

Failing the law

There are two essential elements of a constitutional republic. First, the law and not men are supreme. Second, the sovereignty of each individual expressed through

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